Destroying B-Horror
& Sci-Fi Movies One At A Time.

S1Ep001 - "Grizzly"

A "blocked" episode.

S1Ep002 - "Hospital of Terror"

S1Ep003 - "Home Sweet Home"

S1Ep004 - "Don't Open Till Christmas"

S1Ep005 - "The Giant Claw"

S1Ep006 - "The Snow Creature"

S1Ep007 - "Invasion From Inner Earth"

S1Ep008 - "The Cremators"

S1Ep009 - "Night of the Demon"

S1Ep010 - "Asylum of Satan"

S1Ep011 - "The Alien Dead"

S1Ep012 - "Scream"

S2Ep001 - "The New Barbarians"

S2Ep002 - "To All A Goodnight"

S2Ep003 - "The Slayer"

S2-Ep004 - "Caltiki! The Immortal Monster

S2Ep005 - "The Prey"

S2Ep006 - "Scalps"

S2Ep007 - "Curse of Bigfoot"

S2Ep007.5 - "The Dummy"

S2Ep008 - "Vengeance of the Zombies"

A "blocked" episode.

S2Ep009 - "Night Fright"

S2Ep010 - "Oasis of the Zombies"

S2Ep011 - "Snowbeast"

S3Ep001 - "Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter"