Welcome To The Bromance

A comedic webisode written by Philip C Lee and Taylor Boston, which is loosely based off the movie commentary idea established by Mystery Science Theater 3000. In this scenario, Bromance On Film follows the "forced friendship" of Phil and Taylor.

You see, Ashley (Phil's girlfriend) and Rebecca (Taylor's girlfriend) want Phil and Taylor to become "besties" so Ashley and Rebecca can have more interesting "couples dates". The only problem is that Phil and Taylor have absolutely nothing in common except the guilty pleasure of loving bad cinema...Especially b-horror and sci-fi movies. Now they are inseparable, even if they slightly despise each other!

Thus, the simple plot behind "Bromance On Film". You don't even need to watch the episodes in a row. Just pick one that looks like it might be your favorite, laugh your ass off, and feel free to follow the results of a budding "bromance" episode by episode as Phil and Taylor destroy public domain cinema one film at a time.


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Season One

Season Two